Friday, 4 September 2015

Autumn Still Life

First Squash
watercolour on paper
Summer is over, according to the Met office, but the upside to this means that is now officially autumn with a whole lot of new painting opportunities ahead.
Too cold/wet/windy for you to go outside ? Well then, why not consider an autumnal still life with all the colours associated with this time of year ?
Pumpkins and squashes are coming to the fore - some of my favourite subjects, I can't believe it is a year since I painted any. The trouble with seasonal subject matter -daffodils in Spring for example- they are with us only a short space of time and one has to remind oneself again how to capture their form and colour. Luckily where squashes are concerned there seems to be a never ending variety to choose from which means one can have fun making up new compositions from relatively few objects..
I'm looking forward to adding this year's harvest to a number of still life paintings during this wonderful season.
I may still go out and sketch between times !

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