Monday, 28 November 2016

Seasonal favourites

There are certain subjects which I look forward to re-visiting each year in order to paint.. Daffodils in Spring for example, straw bales in Summer. Autumn brings harvest time, pumpkins and stunning colour in the foliage. Winter trees are another favourite - and snow, but here in the Cotswolds one can't guarantee to have it every year.

This is not as monotonous as it may sound. Because these are seasonal subjects, one may only have a few weeks in which to study them, the way the light plays on them, their surroundings and so on before they are gone.

By the time they return a year later one has largely forgotten what one did the year before, and so the thrill of discovery awaits anew - and each year there is the possibility of discovering a little bit more to add to the store of ones knowledge.