Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Limited Colour

Winter is a good time to practice producing an image using a limited number of colours - in this case, three - French Ultramarine, Indian Red and Yellow Ochre, basically one red, one yellow and one blue, although they are all fairly subdued, as they should be at this time of year.

It was Claude Monet who said " In England, I was fascinated by the never-ending shades of Grey.. " Nothing much has changed since his time. It has been very grey of late.

Actually, there is a fourth pigment here, Cerulean, a turquoise-y blue, to add a splash of colour.

I am always interested by how one can change the mood of the image by the choice of palette used. It is all too easy, especially when using a photograph as reference, to try and match the colours exactly (although it is arguable whether the colours in a photograph are "exact" at all), when what we should be doing is painting the feel of the subject.

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