Friday, 8 May 2015

A change in the landscape

This continues to be in my shiny moleskine which is really good for pen and ink, but not so much for watercolour except for a little "spot" colour  like this. Anything else just runs off and anything left behind also has a tendency to seep through to the other side of the page.

Which is why... was so lovely to go out this morning with a moleskine full of watercolour paper and be able to flood some washes onto the page.

The landscape is changing. A week ago the hedgerows were full of frothy blossom and a general air of expectancy of a summer soon to come. Today the blossom is mostly gone and the ground has suddenly become overrun by equally frothy cow-parsley, chest high in places. A field of yellow dandelions has become a field of white dandelion seed heads.

The political landscape is changing too. Let us hope there really will be sunshine to come!

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